Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
Working software over comprehensive documentation.
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
Responding to change over following a plan.

Our services
Staff Augmentation

About Us

From Argentina to the US, we deliver excellence helping companies to build teams. Our story started in 2016 when two friends, passionate and with a good common sense, established an outsourcing company to bring excellent staff augmentation services. Having experience of more than 15 years in the software development industry we aim to help companies by offering high-quality resources.

Our philosophy is the commitment to our work to exceed the client expectations keeping in mind the continuous team building.

What we do

We are experienced software developers, team builders & agile practitioners with 15+ years of experience in the development business.

Staff Augmentation

We evaluate existing staff and determine which additional skills are required to respond to the business objectives.

Software developers

We love to build software. Simple web applications, sophisticated back-office processes, desktop applications, all of them have their own set of challenges to inspire curious minds.

Team Builders

Aside from trivial projects, there is always a team involved.
Regardless of company or geographic boundaries, there is a spirit of crafting software & solutions together.

Agile Practitioners

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
Working software over comprehensive documentation.
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
Responding to change over following a plan.

Our Technical Expertise


"Having worked remotely with Andrés and having met him several times within the U.S. I can attest to his professionalism and software programming skills."

"Sebastian is an excellent developer and team leader. Always delivering quality work and going above and beyond by making recommendations for improvements. Sebastian has a thorough understanding of agile practices and processes and shares his expertise."

"Andrés is a brilliant developer an he is highly commited to his work. Excellent person and professional. He is a great value to his team."

"I would highly recommend Sebastian because he is a very complete professional: goal oriented, very committed and technically impeccable. While he worked with me I saw him be a true leader to his team, a partner to our clients and a great contributor to the success of the engagement."

The team

We provide development services by integrating with client teams or creating bright new teams for client’s needs.

years of experience in the development business.
The team
  • Reach us anytime

    We understand that communication is the key value to reach the goal.

  • We get the work done

    We like the good feelings that involve the completion of a project.

  • Quality Work

    We believe that quality is the most important part of our work and it generates value to our firm.

  • Goal oriented

    Encourage best practices to guarantee the correct delivery.

  • Agile

    The company embraced the agile methodologies to guarantee the work inspection and it provides feedback to refine the process.

  • We go the extra mile

    Provide guidance, coaching, and support so that every developer achieves their personal and professional objectives.

Our Services

We are absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated user experience and projects that we and our clients are very proud of.

  • Strategy

    We apply the overall plan which consists of objectives, principles, and tactics relating to the use of the technologies within a particular client. Such strategies primarily focus on the technologies themselves and in some cases the people who directly manage those technologies.

    The Process:

    • Identify the whys of the product or service to fulfill.
    • Select a Agile methodology (XP, Scrum, Kanban, Lean…).
    • Do the work in the best way possible while maintaining quality as the main focus.
    • Have a retrospective meeting to align the objectives with the team and also check the necessity of refining the process.
  • Ui/Ux

    We think that the relationship of the user with a software is an extension of the individuals. Based on that, the user interface and user experience needs to be done with the best design and usability practices.

  • Mobile

    We understand that mobile applications are the future. Except in heavy industries, mobile applications will have more preponderance in our lives.

  • Commitment

    We offer:

    • Integrations between applications, services, partners, etc.
    • Create and maintain site applications using the best practices of the industry. Bootstrap, responsive sites, single page application, MVVM, MVC and MVP frameworks.
    • Window and linux native applications.
    • Database Development.
    • Bilingual proficient resources.
    • Commitment to our work.


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